Our Roulette Tables

A roulette tables often completes the casino experience, games up to 8 people per table. For players that are intimidated by the fast action of a dice table, roulette may provide the opportunity to gamble on a simple spin of a wheel. It is as easy as picking one of 36 numbers or red versus black. Tables include 19” wooden roulette wheel, various colored chips for roulette players and accessories necessary to run the game. Our roulette tables have adjustable height legs to allow players to either sit or stand. We do not provide chairs.


How to Play Roulette

Roulette, a popular European game, is played with a dealer spinning a ball around a spinning horizontal wheel with 36 numbers and two zeros. The table layout provides players a place to wager chips and try to guess where the ball will land. Each player is given their own color of chips to distinguish each player’s bets on the layout.

With each spin of the wheel, players are allowed to wager on several different bets on a common table layout. Each player can bet on whether the ball will land on a particular number (pays 35 to 1), two numbers (pays 17 to 1), four numbers (pays 8 to 1) and others at varying payout odds. Dealers will be happy to show you how to place bets on the numbers. Players can also make bets on the ‘outside row’ — colors (red or black), groups of 18 numbers or Even or Odd,  these bets pay even money. Furthermore, the layout divides the 36 numbers into groups of 12 number sections. Players can bet on these six sections and odds are 2 to 1.  If ball lands on either zero, all bets loose, unless you bet on zeros.

Players can begin placing bets as soon as winners have been paid and the “Puck” has been picked up.  Betting can continue until the ball begins to slow, the dealer will wave over the table and say, “No more bets.” Once the ball settles into a slot, the dealer will announce the winning number and color and place a marker on that number on layout.  Dealer will clear all loosing bets and then pay winners.