Our Dice Tables

Dice tables are often the main attraction at casino parties. The game itself can be intimidating, so our dealers are trained to explain basics and expand training as party progresses. We have large 12-ft tables that game up to 16 people and smaller 8-ft that games 10 players both look great in hotel ballrooms.  We also have 7ft flat top tables that game 7.   Good for use in your home or small Venue. Tables include wooden chip rack and accessories necessary to run the game. The larger tables require 3 dealers (like casinos), but the 7-ft and 8-ft tables only require one or two dealers to control the action.





Understanding the Dice Game & Pass Line Betting

Craps/Dice is a fast-paced game offering several ways to wager on each roll of the dice. The basic bet on the table is the “Pass Line” bet, located around the outer edge of layout.  There is  a button reflecting either OFF or ON.  When this button shows OFF, the shooter (person with dice) is rolling the ‘come out’ roll (the first roll of the dice).  If a seven or eleven is rolled you win if betting the pass line. If a two, three or twelve (aka ‘craps’), is rolled you loose. If either of these outcomes occurs, you can re-place your bet and the same shooter will roll again.

Any other roll of the dice (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) will establish the ‘point’, and the dealer will change the ‘button’ to  ON and position it in the box reflecting the number rolled. To win the ‘Pass Line’ bet,  shooter must roll the ‘point ‘before rolling a seven. No other number rolled affects the pass line bet. The shooter continue to roll until they Seven out or roll the point.  If the point is rolled the process starts over with the same shooter. If a seven is rolled the dice go to the next shooter and the process starts over.

While the shooter attempts to roll the ‘point’ (the number set by the first roll of the dice), each player can make several additional bets (Odds Bet, Place Bets, Come Bets, Field Bets and Proposition Bets) that have action on every roll of the dice.  When shooter rolls a seven while trying to make a ‘point’ all bets lose and the Dealer clears all bets from the table.  The exception is if a player is playing “Don’t Pass” bet which is opposite the pass line bet.   The dice pass to the next player clockwise around the table, and betting begins again with a new lucky shooter and a new ‘Pass Line’ bet.  A shooter holding the roll for a long time is known as a “Hot shooter”  Ask the Dealers for help with all the other bets, they will be happy to help you.